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How Does Anxiety Counselling Help?

The most effective treatment for generalised anxiety disorder is one that combines a range of interventions. In this sense, it is more beneficial to combine psychotherapy with pharmacotherapy and set up supportive structures for the person. During anxiety counselling, our psychologists specialising in anxiety counselling, serve as a support system, as well as an ally […]

Managing Your Anger

Once you fully comprehend the impact of uncontrolled and unresolved anger, it is clear to see how valuable anger management can be. Anger management is a process by which you learn new ways of coping with your emotions, and new skills to recognise the warning signs of anger to help you deal with angry feelings […]

Are You Being Controlled By An Addiction?

Are You Being Controlled By An Addiction? Addictive behaviour generally involves activities that provide an escape from worries or pain, such as drinking, drugs, gambling, sex or shopping. It is through this perceived ‘escape’ that a person may develop long-lasting habits that, in some cases, impede on their everyday lives and overall health. Although everybody […]

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