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Sexuality and Gender (LGBTIQPA+) Counselling Brisbane

Find counselling and psychology support for sexuality and gender identity in Brisbane with the Centre for Human Potential. Choose your therapist or ask us for a recommendation from our team of sexuality, gender, LGBTIQPA+ psychologists.

We understand that each circumstance is unique, so we’ll do our best to match you with someone from our team that can meet your needs and provide the best possible support.

Tailored Support for Your Unique Journey

Our Brisbane Sexuality and Gender (LGBTIQPA+) counselling services are tailored towards understanding the nuances of sexual and gender identities. Our approach caters to a broad range of sexuality and gender identities including:

Non-Binary (NB)

Non-Binary counselling services in Brisbane that provide a safe space for individuals who exist outside the traditional male-female binary. Our supportive team recognises their unique experiences and challenges.

Transgender (T)

Comprehensive transgender counselling and support with special assistance for people undergoing or contemplating gender transition as well as those facing issues related to gender dysphoria.

Bisexual (B)

Tailored and caring guidance for individuals navigating attraction to multiple genders with assistance in navigating the complex issues of bi-erasure and acceptance.

Gay (G)

Gay counselling services in Brisbane that are tailored for men attracted to men, addressing specific societal and personal challenges.

Lesbian (L)

Tailored and caring guidance for individuals navigating attraction to multiple genders with assistance in navigating the complex issues of bi-erasure and acceptance.

Intersex (I)

Find tailored support with intersex variations with a unique focus on acceptance, medical considerations, and societal understanding for those in the intersex community.

Queer/Questioning (Q)

Queer and questioning psychologists in Brisbane to provide a guiding hand for those exploring or questioning their gender or sexual identity. We are guided by an underlying mission to provide support and clarity.

Pansexual (P)

Counselling services that understand and validate the fluid nature of attraction regardless of gender identity. Pansexual counselling support addresses those specific challenges that are related to societal acceptance.

Asexual (A)

Tailored insight, support, and understanding for individuals experiencing low to no sexual attraction, navigating relationships, and the pressure of societal expectations to conform to a ‘norm’ that feels out of place.

+ (Plus)

Embracing all other identities not specifically listed, including but not limited to genderfluid, demisexual, two-spirit, and others, ensuring that each individual’s experience is recognised and validated.

Therapy will aim at providing emotional support where necessary and assisting you in the variety of difficulties you may be facing.

The Essential Role of

Sexuality and Gender (LGBTIQPA+) Psychologists

Counselling and psychology support for sexuality and gender identity plays an essential role in supporting those struggling with gender or sexual identity. Whilst the disproportionate representation of the LGBTIQPA+, trans, and non-binary community in Australia’s mental health and suicide statistics is sometimes referenced, the numbers paint a deeply concerning picture.

The most recent data from Suicide Prevention Australia highlights the disproportionate representation of the LGBTIQPA+ community. The study found that 41.9% of LGBTIQPA+ people surveyed had considered suicide in the last 12-months, with 78.4% considering suicide at some point in their lives.

The statistics for Australia’s trans and non-binary community paint a similarly bleak picture. According to a 2022 study, 92% of trans and non-binary youth have reported experiencing suicidal thoughts at some time in their lives. Additionally, 86% have self-harmed, and between 35% to 48% have attempted suicide.

With the right support and guidance, the Centre for Human Potential psychology support team aims to play a meaningful role in providing tailored mental health support for our LGBTIQPA+ community, emphasising the distinct needs of each individual.

We acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Peoples of Australia and we pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging.

We are also a safe space for all clients including LGBTIQSGBB, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and CALD persons.

Our team of sexuality, gender, LGBTIQPA+ psychologists in Brisbane are committed to creating an environment that fosters acceptance and understanding through guidance, validation, or simply an outlet to be heard. Our empathetic and supportive team of psychologists are equipped to support your unique journey and needs.

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    While Australia’s LGBTIQPA+ community and transgender and non-binary individuals continues to grow with empathy and pride, societal acceptance continues to lag behind.

    In Brisbane, the Centre for Human Potential offers support for LGBTIQPA+ and gender-related concerns with a welcoming and affirming environment for individuals seeking assistance, whether it’s related to orientation and identity or broader issues like depression, anxiety, and relationship challenges.

    Our Sexuality and Gender (LGBTIQ) Psychologists

    Helping You to Navigate Life’s Challenges with Empathy & Experience

    Here are some of the common difficulties that we provide support and guidance for:

    Prejudice and Discrimination: Tailored strategies and coping mechanisms that are designed to help you navigate through societal biases and direct discrimination. We are guided by an unwavering goal of ensuring you feel empowered and resilient.

    Coming Out: Support, guidance, and strategies that allow you to reveal your true self to loved ones. We understand the intricacies and emotions involved in this transformative journey, which is why we prioritise planning and support.

    Addressing Social Norms: Tailored assistance in helping you to balance your true self with societal expectations and norms, while ensuring your well-being and confidence remain intact.

    Workplace Challenges: Our team provides a wealth of experience in helping you to manage your sexual orientation and gender identity in professional settings, ensuring you maintain self-respect and dignity in potentially complex environments.

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