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Anger Management Brisbane

Find compassionate and effective anger management counselling and support services with The Centre for Human Potential Psychology and Counselling in Brisbane.

Anger management counselling in Brisbane is about understanding the root cause of anger, understanding the feeling of anger, and developing strategies to address and rectify the behaviour at its core. Our counsellors provide strategies for proactive anger management that addresses anger in a healthy and positive way – instead of suppressing it or expressing it in a violent or abusive manner.

anger management in brisbane

What is anger management?

Anger is a natural human response that is rooted in self-preservation. In response to a physical or emotional attack or situation, anger can be a healthy defence mechanism.

When anger is not controlled, it can become a destructive force impacting relationships, health, and overall well-being. It’s essential to understand when anger becomes unhealthy and seek appropriate support.

Anger management support and management through counselling is a way of helping you move away from being controlled by anger and its destructive and unpredictable outcomes. With a proactive approach to anger management counselling support, our trained psychologists steer you towards understanding and managing anger in a healthy way.

Our team of anger management counsellors in Brisbane

Anger management counselling & support services Brisbane

Our anger management counselling services in Brisbane are available for individuals across a range of age groups including teens, young adults, and adults. Our experienced and understanding team of Brisbane anger management counsellors provide support and counselling for a range of anger-related issues, focussing on understanding the root cause of anger and developing effective management strategies. Common anger triggers that we treat include;

  • Feelings of being unfairly treated
  • Relationship conflicts – physical or emotional
  • Work or relationship related stresses
  • Personal challenges & self esteem
  • Post-traumatic event induced anger issues
  • Behavioural patterns stemming from anger
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    Anger doesn’t have to control your life. Get effective, compassionate, and professional support with The Centre For Human Potential.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What causes anger?

    There are a range of different triggers that can trigger anger including childhood experiences and upbringing, repressed trauma, unresolved grief, behavioural factors, stress, and many other different triggers. Anger can be a symptom of other underlying conditions such as depression, anxiety, grief, and a range of other mental health conditions.

    Why is anger management so important?

    Anger management counselling is a way to understand the root cause of anger issues and understand the causes and triggers for anger. Unmanaged anger that is frequent and ongoing can have serious impacts on your health, relationships, and professional life. Anger management can help to improve relationships, mental health, physical health, and increase your overall self-esteem and feelings of wellbeing.

    What are the physical symptoms of unresolved anger?

    The physical symptoms of unresolved anger can include increased heart rate, blood pressure, chest tightening, feelings of hot and flushed, and rapid breathing. The physical symptoms of anger can manifest in a variety of different ways depending on the individual.

    The physical symptoms of anger are very similar to the fight or flight response. This is because anger is most often felt when you decide to stop and face a perceived threat, either real or imagined, and these physical tell-tale signs always appear before any anger outburst.

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