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Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Assistance Programs

Enhance productivity & motivation, decrease absenteeism, and create a better team environment for all employees.

The cost of absenteeism, loss of productivity, or replacing an employee can be huge, so retaining talented employees is an important factor when developing or maintaining a successful business. Employees who feel supported and cared for by management are happier and more inclined to support their company towards success. In turn, this makes them more responsible and accountable.

Companies who do have an employee assistance program (EAP) have received the following benefits:

  • Decrease in sick leave and lateness
  • Improved productivity and motivation
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Reduced workplace accidents and incidents

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    Designed to enhance team and individual performance and well being in the workplace, EAPs are strategic programs which make counselling and other forms of assistance, advice and information accessible to employees on a systematic and uniform basis.

    Centre for Human Potential Employee Assistance Program:

    • Ongoing priority access to solutions-focused counselling sessions
    • Pay-as-you-go option
    CFHP ADHD psychologists in Brisbane

    Our Employee Assistance Program is tailored to your employees’ or company’s specific needs. Not only do we provide EAPs to our corporate clients, we also offer affordably bundled corporate support packages to assist your staff with the following;

    • Personal Crisis Management
    • Marriage/relationship/family problems
    • Stress
    • Emotional concerns (eg. Anxiety and Depression)
    • Substance dependence and/or other dependencies and addictions
    • Conflict management and dealing with difficult people
    • Goal setting
    • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
    • Redundancy Counselling

    Some of our corporate clients only require us to provide confidential counselling to their employees on a need basis. Others prefer the option of an intervention in case of a crisis, others still, prefer a ‘stress debriefing’ counselling formula available to their employees.

    LGBTI Specialist EAP Did you know?

    Research demonstrates that a majority of LGBTI people feel more comfortable going to either an LGBTI specialist counselling service, prefering a psychologist who identifies as being gay or lesbian.

    Centre for Human Potential has a particular specialisation in working with gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual and transgender people and was founded on the values of Acceptance, Diversity & Inclusion by Paul Martin, who was voted as one of Australia’s most influential gays and lesbians in 2008. Our psychologists (some of whom are they themselves gay/lesbian) are trained in working effectively with LGBT clients.

    Issues for LGBTI Employees can include;

    • Coming out at work
    • Gender transitioning
    • Mental health issues if not ‘out’ in the workplace
    • Coming out as a husband or wife in a marriage
    • Confusion regarding sexual identity
    • Dealing with ‘rejection sensitivity’
    • Self esteem
    • Starting an LGBTI family
    • Raising children in LGBTI families
    • Dealing with conflict with families of origin
    • Feelings or real or perceived social isolation
    • Working with LGBTI coworkers
    • Dealing with family/friends/coworkers who are coming out or LGBTI
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