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CFHP is a service provider for professional counselling under the Queensland Police Service (QPS) referral support scheme. Queensland Police officers and staff often face high stress situations in this line of work, which can lead to difficulties in adjusting to regular life, especially after a traumatic event. The help and support of a psychologist who understands the challenges and struggles faced by QPS staff can aid in improving mental and psychological well-being. 

Our psychologists are familiar with the unique situations that members of the police force encounter, from consistent exposure to traumatic incidents to the demands and responsibilities of a high-pressure job. By offering a safe environment to voice concerns and be heard, as well as providing strategies for stress management, our team at CFHP can help to navigate the psychological challenges inherent in this profession and support overall well-being. This way, police officers and staff can continue to serve their communities effectively while maintaining optimal mental health.

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Queensland Police Service Support with CFHP

Under the SelfRefer Program, QPS employees can access up to six sessions with our professional psychologists to get support for the issues faced on the job. QPS employees can anonymously reach out to any external provider under the SelfRefer Program to get the help they need. 

CHFP is a service provider for QPS SelfRefer. If you are a member of the Queensland Police Force, you can engage our service for up to 6 sessions and an additional 3 sessions if required. 

What our counsellors can help with

CFHP offers professional QPS counselling and psychology services for the following:

Coping with Trauma and Stress

Everyone processes and handles stress differently. Our QPS psychologists can teach individuals how to cope with a high-level of stress with management techniques and for a healthier mental state.

Private Counselling

Just like in any other workplace, police people will encounter difficulties with colleagues, work performance, or responsibility. We can provide a safe space for airing out concerns without the fear of judgement.

Psychological Diagnosis

CFHP’s psychologists can make mental state assessments to generate an accurate diagnosis for any mental health conditions and issues, so as to provide individuals with a better understanding of what they are facing, and how they can recover.

Treatment Strategies and Support

We make use of industry-leading and evidence-based treatment strategies to provide effective relief from the mental stress and conditions that QPS service providers may be struggling with.

Rest assured that all personal information and appointments are kept confidential with us — the SelfRefer program is separately operated, and information is not shared with the QPS. Contact CHFP today to start your journey toward better mental health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are counselling sessions confidential?

Yes. All our counselling sessions are kept in the strictest of confidence between individuals and CFHP’s QPS counsellors. No information will be shared with the QPS, except in extremely rare cases where someone may be in danger. Our psychologists are here to help provide the support you need and are focused on finding a solution to the issues you are experiencing. 

SelfRefer is a program that is run independently of the QPS, meaning that all of your appointments will be made anonymously, giving you the freedom to get the psychological support you need without worrying about any consequences or judgement.

Are counselling sessions subsidised for Queensland Police members?

Yes, QPS members are entitled to six free sessions of psychological support with the potential for extension for another 3 sessions if required, under the SefRefer program. 

The Early Intervention Treatment Program (EITP) also provides free psychological support and counselling for current QPS members, but this will require registering through a Human Services Officer (HSO) at QPS.

Why is it important to see a psychologist in this industry?

Working in the police force can be extremely demanding on the mind and body. Officers in the field will typically witness or experience traumatic events that can linger in their mental state, causing them to develop mental health conditions like PTSD. Furthermore, the odd hours and heavy responsibilities of the job can lead to increased stress at the workplace regarding performance, potentially causing issues like burnout and emotional imbalance. 

A psychologist can provide insight into the issues that QPS staff face and provide detailed strategies to help members continue to perform at work without suffering from the fallout of the stressful situations faced.

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