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Grief Counselling Brisbane

The Centre for Human Potential Psychology and Counselling in Brisbane provides compassionate grief counselling and bereavement and loss support services for those in the Brisbane, Queensland area.

 Our team of grief counsellors in Brisbane provide an empathetic and caring approach to bereavement, loss, and grief support. Our experienced grief counsellors understand the unique emotional challenges that come with loss and provide tailored strategies and support services to help individuals navigate their way through grief. Our Centre’s compassionate and personalised approach ensures that each patient receives the specialised support they need.

grief and loss counselling

Grief, Loss, and Bereavement Counselling & Support

Our grief, loss, and bereavement counselling services in Brisbane cater to teens, young adults, and adults. Our trained, empathetic team of grief counsellors in Brisbane provide support and treatment for a range of different things including:

  • Divorce or separation
  • Loss of job or financial stress
  • Chronic or terminal illness & disability
  • Death of a family member or loved one
  • Serious or Signiant injury
  • Parental issues & miscarriages

Our Team of Grief & Loss Counsellors Brisbane

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    Don’t suffer alone – get professional, compassionate, and confidential support from our leading team of psychologists and counsellors.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is grief?

    Each person has their own way of coping with loss. The grief experience, however, is somewhat similar from one person to another. It’s more than merely an emotional reaction to the loss, but in fact also encompasses changes in cognitive, social, and psychological functioning.

    Is what I am feeling normal?

    Grief is a normal and natural response to loss or bereavement. Grief can manifest differently and show a range of diverse emotions including anger, sorrow, confusion, anxiety, restlessness, disbelief, panic or even numbness. The way that they feel and copy in different situations is personal to the individual, but it’s perfectly normal to feel a range of different emotions.

    What are the most common signs of grief?

    The most common sign of grief is, of course, the feeling that we feel when we go through any sort of loss or bereavement. For many people, this manifests in crying and a general sense of despair. However, it can also have physical ramifications that include a loss of appetite, increased heart rate, headaches, difficulty sleeping, general aches and pains, and fatigue. It’s important to reiterate that we are all different and the way that we express grief is unique.

    Will I ever feel normal again?

    In most cases, the grief response will resolve itself naturally over time, but when your grief is complicated by other factors, then it may take longer to resolve, and you may require assistance and grief counselling in working through your loss.

    When should I seek help?

    We recommend seeking professional support as soon as you recognise any of the above signs or symptoms in yourself.

    You should consider seeking professional help to process and get through your grief after a loss if you have not been able to get back to a normal routine, such as going back to your job or caring for your children.

     The earlier that you address feelings of grief or loss, the sooner that we can help you to navigate through these trying circumstances.

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