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Bullying Counselling in Brisbane

What is a bully? A dictionary search for ‘bully’ produces various results such as ‘intimidator’, ‘terroriser’, ‘persecutor’ and ‘harasser’. However, the most fitting name for a bully might be ‘tormentor’, because that is what bullies do best—they torment. Stop the torment now and turn to our team of psychologists in brisbane cbd at The Centre for Human Development, where we offer counselling to bullies and people impacted by bullying.

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Cause of Bullying

Bullies are found everywhere and in every age group. Even children as young as three years old have been recognised as bullies. Are they born, or have they acquired their aggressive natures due to being raised in a dysfunctional family or similar environment? The ‘nature’ or ‘nurture’ schools of thought have long been debated, yet psychologists have never been able to reach a satisfactory conclusion. Nevertheless, there is agreement that bullying can be the result of both hereditary and environmental influences.

School bullies usually select ‘victims’ who are younger, smaller or mentally weaker than themselves. Bullying doesn’t just involve physical contact. Children, as well as adults, also suffer from verbal and emotional bullying. An obese child might be the target of taunts and jokes. However, bullies can use any other reason to justify their actions. Schoolyards are generally the breeding grounds where bullies practice their bullying tactics. Sometimes, they group together to act out their aggressive behaviour. Their strength in numbers makes it easier to achieve greater success in humiliating their target.

The Impact of Bullying on Everyday Life

Children who bully in their earlier years manage to grow out of their aggressiveness by the time they reach high school. However, those who still remain bullies will often carry their forceful styles into their working environment and, unfortunately, into their family life. The chances are that their wives and their own children will suffer and those very children who are bullied by their parents might themselves become bullies. This unfortunate cycle could become a never-ending vicious circle if it is not appropriately treated. This is where discussion and training for appropriate behaviour with one of our qualified psychologists can make all the difference.

Workplace Bullying

Unlike children who sometimes resort to physical bullying, workers might use their authority to bully a subordinate. Sometimes it is so subtle that other colleagues might not notice except for the person being bullied. Talking with one of our qualified psychologists can help you gain control.

Other subtler forms of bullying can include a more passive aggressive behaviour. If a chairperson continually ignores a colleague in a boardroom this creates a feeling of victimisation. Other forms of bullying might involve continuous criticism or forcing an unfair amount of work on someone who obviously cannot cope with the extra load. Destroying colleagues’ reputations by gossiping or lying about them is also a humiliating experience that might require professional help.

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    All forms of bullying create great distress, but help is at hand if the ‘victim’ is unable to cope with the situation. Our psychologists can provide professional help for those whose lives have been affected by bully tactics and we can also assist bullies who require psychological help in order to change their behaviour.


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