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Counselling for Couples to Create Positive Change

Couples therapy provides various techniques to create the change that you and your partner would not normally know how to accomplish on your own. It provides a safe and supportive environment to enable you to identify and communicate the issues, feelings and behaviours that are bothering you, and facilitate the understanding that leads to positive change, creating a happier, more fulfilled and deeper understanding of your relationship.

Improve Understanding & Communication

  • Stop the “blame game”
  • Work through unresolved issues
  • Express your true feelings in a way that will eventually draw you closer together
  • Speak to each other in a more supportive and understanding way, and listen more actively and emphatically


A relationship counsellor is able to recognise and challenge your current communication habits, and to provide you with the skills to communicate more effectively with one another. Effective couples counselling Brisbane wide can help clients bring out emotions and thoughts that they would normally be scared to express to one another.Simply being given the opportunity to speak openly and honestly during a couples counselling session can set you on the path to improved communication, allowing you to begin to resolve problems and keep your relationship strong.

Reconnect and restore lost intimacy with our help today.

Rekindle lost feelings of intimacy and connectedness

It is not uncommon amongst couples who have been together for an extended period of time to feel as though they have lost the intimacy that they once shared. Feelings of agitation towards each other are are also common once the “honeymoon phase” is over, or there is stress within the relationship. A relationship or couples therapist can help a you understand each other through the process of counselling, and help restore lost emotional and physical closeness.

Re-negotiating commitments

  • Voice fears and concerns
  • Reach clear and workable agreements


Whether it’s commitment to the relationship itself, a commitment to supporting a particular career path or life choice, or a commitment regarding whether or not to have children, we all have fears and concerns about making commitments on some level. Our Couples counselling Brisbane service can assist both individuals to voice their fears and concerns regarding what the commitment will mean to them and how it may change their relationship, before working to reach a clear and workable agreement.

Our experienced Psychologists provide couples counselling in a comfortable, non judgemental and confidential environment. If you have invested time and emotions into a relationship that may need assistance, our counsellors are available to explore your relationship improving your communication and offering some tools to help go forward.

Relationship counselling is suitable for all couples, married or not, heterosexual or homosexual, cohabiting or living separately but always has a greater chance of success when both partners are committed to the process and engage with the counselling.

Speak with us

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A Safe Space to Strengthen Your Relationship Together

Here at CFHP, we provide couples with a safe space to talk through any concerns you may have with your relationship. Working as a couple can be tricky and communication is an essential part of making a relationship great. We can help guide you through ways to talk well and raise your communication, and therefore your levels of respect and enjoyment in your partnership.couples counselling

One of our seasoned, knowledgeable and compassionate couples counselling psychologists will sit down with you and your partner and listen to both parties’ relationship concerns in an impartial manner. This will take place over a number of couples counselling sessions, whether it is in the Brisbane offices, or through Skype, we can help steer and guide your relationship to greater strengths.

Throughout this process your relationship counsellor will be appraising and analysing you both to determine what exactly the underlying core relationship problems are, as most nagging, surface issues are simply symptoms caused by these principal problems. These will be addressed in a professional and confidential manner, so you have the opportunity to further your relationship.

How many sessions you and your partner attend will depend upon how your want your relationship to evolve, both of your availabilities and what sort of budget you have to work with.

It may take a number of sessions to begin making some real headway on the road to relationship recovery as many couples need to vent and may begin the process with finger-pointing and emotional outbursts which end up bogging counselling sessions down, but clear the air and get things off your chest.

Withheld emotions coming to a head is of course to be expected but we would just like to remind couples that you will get more out of your relationship counselling appointments if you approach the time with positivity, an open-mind and the humility to recognise that it takes two to make a relationship work so you will each need to embark on self-improvement along with your partner.

Once both partners are on the same page by having acknowledged the other person’s grievances and understood where they are coming from, through listening and heeding advice from their impartial psychologist and are in agreement as to the roadmap to recovery, the real healing can begin.

Relationship Counselling Brisbane for Peace of Mind

When you choose our couples counselling service in Brisbane, our couples therapists will put you at ease, explain the counselling process, answer any questions you may have and ensure you are given the tools to get your relationship back on track.

Acknowledging your relationship is suffering and being willing to seek outside professional help to face up to the problems coupled with the understanding that both you and your partner will have to do some hard yards  is the first step to bettering the relationship situation. Denial will only make things worse, so break through the dark clouds and move forward with CFHP Counselling Centre.

One of the main concerns partners agonise over when considering embarking on couples counselling is whether their counsellor will side with one person over the other. Let us be clear, your CFHP relationship psychologist is here to act as a mediator between you and your partner. They are expertly trained with many years of couples counselling under their belt and you can be sure they have heard it all.

They are here to offer you a safe haven to discuss your relationship ailments without pressure, negativity, judgement, or condescension. No issue is too banal, or too crazy, even if you think it’s unimportant, if it bothers you, please get it out onto the table as it may very well be a tell-tale sign of larger difficulties, or problematic behaviour which only your psychologist may identify and understand.

Often couples put off relationship counselling because they feel airing all their dirty laundry to an unknown third party will just make things worse. This is especially true of those who have numerous relationship issues bubbling beneath the surface which they have never been brought up in conversation with their partner before.

When so many things are plaguing you, conquering Mount Everest can seem an easier feat to accomplish than addressing years upon years of personal, ongoing pain. But, why keep up appearances, suffering in silence and prolonging a stale, souring relationship? If you are unhappy, in your relationship, there is a chance your partner is as well, take steps to rectify the situation for both your sakes.

Being honest with your partner can be daunting and changing behaviour patterns can be scary, but the best things in life aren’t easy. By being open and honest about what is upsetting you and acknowledging your partner’s input and your own shortcomings you can both work together to fix your relationship.

Just as your psychologist will not take sides, they will also not give you, or your partner extra talking room over the other. Both you and your partner will be given the same amount of time to express your thoughts and feelings.

Any premature interruptions, belittling, or attempts at debate will be put on hold by your psychologist until each person has expressed themselves fully.

Our psychologists intend to get the root cause of your relationship troubles, they won’t just provide you with short-term Band-Aid solutions to smooth over the edges.

By getting down to the source of your emotions, by pin-pointing what is really plaguing you deep down we can start to determine relationship solutions which will rectify your major, stubborn, unrelenting and overarching problems, as well as your, day-to-day, surface issues.

In times of ongoing pain, sorrow and dissatisfaction people sometimes self-medicate by turning to negative coping mechanisms such as drinking, smoking and drugs. If you recognise you are suffering from such bad habits and are confident they are solely tied to your relationship problems then investing in relationship counselling Brisbane may very well help you get rid of these quick-fix, self-medicating solutions, as well as, remedy your relationship.

However, if you feel your coping mechanism has taken on a life of its own and become an addiction then we encourage you to engage our addiction treatment and counselling services.

Our Relationship Counselling Psychologists

We Cater to Couples from All Walks of Life

The Centre for Human Potential staff  have experience in supporting many types of couples including :

  • Mutli Racial / Ethnic Couples
  • Same Sex Couples
  • Bisexual / Transgender / Intersex partnered  Couples
  • Polyamorous Couples
  • Straight Couples


We are here to help you make your relationship better, through guidance and counselling in a safe and neutral environment. If you, or someone you know can benefit from couples counselling in Brisbane, feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have.

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