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Is your family in distress? Do you need support and guidance to help work through some matters which you simply cannot resolve on your own? At CFHP our family psychologists in Brisbane are committed to providing a safe, welcoming, non-judgemental space where you and your family can actively participate in sessions to resolve conflict and improve relationships.


Get the Help You Need from CFHP

We aim to provide a way for families who are together, and families who are separated, to engage with family counsellors to get the support they need to move forward on matters. You might be stuck on resolving conflict with one of your children, or you might be finding it hard to reach a compromise with an ex-partner when it comes to the care of your teenage children. Whatever the issue, know that CFHP are here to provide programs of support for every family.

Treating Families

A family unit is a special thing, but there can often be conflict due to how close families are and how unrestrained people can be when interacting with each other. Much of the polite social behaviours are often done away with when engaging with your family and people can be short and very honest with each other. This can lead to conflict and difficulties.

  • Manage interpersonal conflict

If you are experiencing conflict within your family, it is important to manage this before it becomes a problem. Through Brisbane based family therapy, we can assist you with interpersonal conflict and help your family develop emotionally intelligent and clear ways to manage conflict.

  • Separation and divorce

We can provide assistance following a separation and/or divorce within your family and will provide you and your children with the strategies and information they need to manage a separation.

  • Handling addiction

You may have a child who is battling addiction. In this case, it can be tough to help them, and you may have tried many things to get them on track. At CFHP we can assist your family in managing this challenge and will provide you with the skills you need to safely and effectively manage your child’s addiction.

  • Controlling and/or abusive behaviour 

If someone in your family is engaging in this kind of behaviour then it is imperative that your safety is managed first and foremost. If you need to seek police intervention or support for abuse, then perhaps call DV Connect on 1800 811 811. If you are seeking to actively participate in the repair and recovery of your family after abuse or control, then we can assist you with counselling performed in the utmost discretion and sensitivity.

We can also assist with sibling conflict, establishing boundaries, anger management, grief and loss, adolescent adjustment and helping you with parenting skills.

Every family is different, and we approach every matter on a case by case basis. Book your family counselling session in Brisbane today.

How Do We Approach Family Counselling?

The first step in treating families is to identify which type of family therapy works best for you. We will sit with your family, or with the parents and the children, and identify what type of counselling will best suit your family. Whether you need to manage one family member and need support, or if you think your entire family will benefit from family counselling in Brisbane — we can help.

  • We’ll take the time to understand your family and will engage with you in the family therapy we believe will help you the most.
  • We can engage with you in alternative therapies and can use a range of psychological techniques and therapies to really get to the heart of the issue.
  • We will support you throughout this time and ensure that every member of your family benefits from engaging with our psychologists at CFHP.

What is Likely to Happen as a Result of Your Family Counselling Sessions?

Your voices will be heard. Your family will grow. Your communication style will improve. Your commitment to working positively for the future will flourish. As a family unit, you have the opportunity to engage in development and growth.

Family therapy is favoured by Brisbane clients who recognise the need for support, and we are happy to discuss any of the family counselling styles or practices we engage with at CFHP.

Make your family counselling appointment with a Brisbane family psychologist now on (07) 3211 1117 or contact us to make an appointment online. ­

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