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Transgender & Nonbinary Support

Transgender and Nonbinary Counselling Brisbane

Find transgender support and queer, nonbinary, and gender counselling in Brisbane with the Centre for Human Potential. Our experienced team of genderqueer counsellors and gender therapists in Brisbane can provide you with guidance and support to help you through the challenges you face along your journey to proudly express your gender identity. 

Get in touch with our team today and we’ll do our best to match you with the gender therapist in Brisbane who can provide the best possible support.

Professional Gender Therapists & Genderqueer Counselling

It’s essential that genderqueer people struggling with mental health issues have access to professional psychological support. According to a 2022 study:

  • 92% of trans and non-binary youth have experienced suicidal thoughts 
  • 86% of transgender people have self-harmed
  • Between 35% to 48% of the community have attempted suicide

The Centre for Human Potential is dedicated to reducing these staggering statistics by offering extensive transgender support and genderqueer counselling for all genderqueer and gender-fluid people who need it. 

Transgender counselling Brisbane

The Gender Queer Umbrella

At CFHP, our gender therapists in Brisbane help everyone under the genderqueer umbrella, which encompasses gender identities that aren’t exclusively masculine or feminine. Our approach encompasses a broad range of gender identities, such as the following:

Non-Binary (NB)

For those who identify outside the binary spectrum of male or female, the Centre for Human Potential offers non-binary counselling in Brisbane, understanding the societal and personal issues they may be facing.

Transgender (T)

CFHP offers transgender support in Brisbane for those undergoing or contemplating gender transition — or anyone whose sense of personal identity does not align with the sex they were assigned at birth.


For those who seek sex reassignment therapies such as hormone replacement therapy and sex reassignment surgery to help them align their body with their identified sex or gender, their mental health can suffer through the needed procedures and the societal challenges they face. CFHP offers gender counselling and support for transsexual individuals.


Gender is fluid, and individuals may express themselves as agender, bigender, pangender, gender fluid, androgynous, neutrois, demigender or otherwise. CFHP offers genderqueer counselling in Brisbane for genderqueer individuals (who may also identify as transgender or non-binary) with their unique experiences and challenges. 

Whatever problems you face, the dedicated team of gender therapists in Brisbane is available to help you — and any genderqueer people you may know to be at risk. Speak to us if you need support — we’re here for you.

It’s important to distinguish that identifying as non-binary or transgender is not a psychological illness or mental disorder. Genderqueer people face a multitude of challenges associated with expressing their identity, such as societal discrimination and lack of support from friends and family. At CFHP, we provide a safe and affirming space where you can explore your gender identity during your treatment with our gender therapists in Brisbane.

Queer & Transgender Support in Brisbane with CFHP

The stress and challenges that transgender and genderqueer people face can lead to severe mental health issues like anxiety and depression, and society can often make them feel invalid or unaccepted. 

The Centre for Human Potential is here to validate you and provide support and guidance through these common issues:


Genderqueer people face societal biases and direct and indirect discrimination and prejudice every day. We are determined to ensure that genderqueer people get the support they need to feel empowered and resilient in the face of animosity.


The stress and uncertainty around gender-affirming surgeries for transgender and transsexual individuals can take a severe toll on both body and mind. CFHP can provide tailored assistance to help you on your journey and ensure that your mental health is protected through your transition to your true gender.

Coming Out

Revealing that you are genderqueer to friends and family is a huge step that can be emotionally and mentally draining. CFHP’s gender therapists in Brisbane are here to provide support and planning to ensure your well-being and confidence in this process.

Workplace Animosity

The team of gender therapists at CFHP can help you to manage yourself in professional settings where you may face prejudice or animosity. We can provide support that ensures your self-respect and dignity in the face of complex challenges.

The Need for Specialised Gender Support Services

Understanding the need for specialised support for transgender, intersex, nonbinary, and gender diverse individuals is the first step towards creating a safe, welcoming environment. At CFHP, our specialised gender support services in Brisbane are intended to foster an inclusive environment that helps individuals to affirm their identities and promote wellbeing.

Through extensive experience, we know that each individual is completely unique. Gender diverse individuals face unique challenges in various aspects of life from healthcare, employment, social, and education. Our role is to empathise and guide these experiences in a safe and openhearted environment.

Affirming Gender Identity

Affirming gender identity starts with recognising and acknowledging the right of gender diverse individuals to live their true identity. Affirming gender identity involves focusing on both physical and psychological well-being, providing a framework for individuals to live authentically as their gender and feel comfortable in their own skin.

Our clinical psychologists and gender counselling experts understand the unique challenges of gender diverse individuals and work closely to provide personalised support services, helping each individual to navigate their journey with respect and empathy.

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    Whatever your gender identity, the team of CFHP gender therapists in Brisbane are dedicated to creating an accepting and comforting environment where you can receive guidance, validation, and compassionate care. Though societal acceptance of genderqueer individuals can still be a punishing battle to face, the Centre for Human Potential is here for all genderqueer and transgender people, regardless of their circumstances or gender identity.

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