Personal Leadership and Executive Coaching Brisbane CBD

Our personal, leadership and executive Coaches are committed to being your objective thinking partner and providing a confidential and supportive environment to help you achieve your objectives and outcomes.  The emphasis in a Coaching relationship is on assisting you with action, accountability and follow through.   By focusing on creating personal leadership capacity from the ‘inside out’, you…

Employee Assistance Programs

Enhance productivity & motivation, decrease absenteeism, and create a better team environment for all employees The cost of absenteeism, loss of productivity, or replacing an employee can be huge, so retaining talented employees is an important factor when developing or maintaining a successful business. Employees who feel supported and cared for by management are happier…

Today’s organisations – whether a start-up, mid-sized business or an established corporation – all experience similar challenges at one time or another:

  • multiple change initiatives stretching the organisation (change saturation)
  • low employee morale or poor employee engagement
  • leadership effectiveness
  • communications
  • organisational resilience.

Our experienced coaches and psychologists provide:

  • Employee Assistance Programs designed especially for your organisation
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Coaching for Emerging Leaders, Frontline Leaders, Mid Level Leaders and Executives
  • Workshops and Seminars including personal leadership, managing change and personal resilience.