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Anxiety Counselling Brisbane

Anxiety Counselling Brisbane

Anxiety affects millions of Australians nationwide, yet remains a poorly understood condition by most people. At CFHP, our psychologists are trained to identify and help individuals struggling with anxiety with effective anxiety counselling in Brisbane. Let us help you manage and deal with your anxiety and restore your mental health and well-being.

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What is Anxiety?

Everyone experiences being anxious from time to time, as it is the body’s normal way of responding to stressful or tense situations by releasing adrenaline.

At times, however, this anxiety can become overwhelming and debilitating so that, instead of helping you deal with a difficult situation, it begins to hinder your mental well-being.

Common symptoms of generalised anxiety disorder include the following:

  • Persistent and uncontrollable worrying about various aspects of life.
  • Seemingly unwarranted sense of worry that does not originate from a specific thing or event.
  • Constant emotional fluctuations, such as feeling easily irritable.
  • Disturbed sleep patterns.
  • Fatigue or feeling consistently tired.
  • Restlessness or a constant sense of being on edge.
  • Difficulty concentrating or feeling like the mind has gone blank.
  • Muscle tension throughout the body.
  • Physical symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and nausea.

Anxiety disorders can manifest differently

Each individual who struggles with an anxiety disorder may experience symptoms differently. One of the most common sensations that are caused by generalised anxiety disorder is “butterflies in the tummy”, or a constant fear or worry that bad things are going to happen. Some people also experience panic attacks and specific phobias such as social phobia, agoraphobia (the fear of open spaces) or an irrational fear of something specific.

Whatever your anxiety symptoms are, our professional anxiety counselling treatment in Brisbane is designed to help you better understand the source of these fears and anxieties, as well as guide you towards healthy ways in which you can manage and move on with your life, without feeling restricted or trapped.

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    While most people who have anxiety may have been dealing with it their entire life, studies show that the majority of people are diagnosed in their twenties, after having been through a range of physicians and specialists. At CFHP, we aim to make anxiety treatment in Brisbane accessible, effective, and transformative, for all of our clients.

    Our Brisbane Anxiety Psychologists

    How does anxiety counselling help?

    During counselling sessions, our psychologists act as a supportive ally for you, helping identify factors contributing to your anxiety. Based on the conversations we have with you, we will be able to create a personalised plan that includes tips and strategies to help you deal with your anxiety. Many of our clients find it relieving to be able to openly discuss their concerns and experiences with someone who actively listens to them.

    After a few sessions of anxiety counselling, you may tend to begin to feel a sense of control over your emotions and life. You may also experience far less general anxiousness and will feel better equipped to manage your anxiety whenever it comes over you.

    If you think anxiety counselling can be of benefit to you, or someone you love, feel free to get in touch with our office and talk about getting anxiety counselling help in Brisbane.

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    Anxiety Treatment Brisbane – Choose CFHP

    If anxiety is impacting your life, seeking professional counselling can offer substantial relief. Our clients often report a more positive outlook on life, improved daily management, and enhanced relationships after counselling. They develop assertiveness and self-assurance, confidently managing emotions and behaviour. Take the step to alleviate your anxiety by reaching out to us today.

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