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Are You Being Controlled By An Addiction?

Are You Being Controlled By An Addiction?

Are You Being Controlled By An Addiction? Addictive behaviour generally involves activities that provide an escape from worries or pain, such as drinking, drugs, gambling, sex or shopping. It is through this perceived ‘escape’ that a person may develop long-lasting habits that, in some cases, impede on their everyday lives and overall health. Although everybody […]

OCD – is it better to deal with it alone or involve others?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is probably one of the loneliest illnesses. There are so many reasons why those who are struggling with OCD will isolate themselves from their friends, family and loved ones. One of the biggest reasons is that the symptoms of OCD are embarrassing and many people struggling with the disorder feel ashamed […]

How to communicate with people who are in the cycle of addiction – breaking through the communication barriers

Many people dabble in drug use in our community and a smaller number of these people go on to develop serious problems with drugs and addiction. The problem of addiction has obvious health and psychological consequences for the user. Nevertheless, an often under recognised problem is the impact that drug users have on families and […]

Drug Abuse in Teens

Drug abuse in teens is one of the major social and health problems confronting our society. Despite the billions of dollars that has been spent by law enforcement and health authorities around the world over an extended period of many years, there seems to be little improvement in the overall situation. Stopping drug abuse in […]

Coping with Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is far more common than you think and, while it is a term that we often use quite loosely, it is also a diagnosable mental illness. In fact the Diagnostic Manual (DSM 5) describes social anxiety as being characterised by a strong and persistent fear in social and / or performance situations. Generally, […]

How much is too much gaming?

Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, Xbox and not to mention the myriad of cell phone and Facebook games available. Gaming has taken the world by storm and many parents reminisce of a time when they played outside and rode their bicycles as compared to the current generation of children who have access to hundreds of TV […]

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