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Dealing with anxiety when returning to the workplace

Dealing with anxiety when returning to the workplace

Irritation, stress and frustration – These three words can be presently piling up on your senses while, distorting the mental symphony of ideas and execution. Is this happening to you? You are not alone. These are the aspects of anxiety entering into everyone’s life at a hare’s pace. When you enter the world of work […]

Role of Emotions

This article is about the role of emotions and, more specifically, how emotions are helpful even when they are unpleasant. Even though emotions are generally a useful tool, people can run into problems with them when they experience too much or too little of an emotion; or when they experience an emotion at an inappropriate […]

Spotting depression – when blue becomes black

Clinical depression is a strikingly common mental health problem, experienced by almost one in three of us at some point in our lives. For some the problem becomes chronic, involving repeated episodes of black mood between stretches of normality. Such individuals often learn to recognise the signs of an impending episode; however, for those who […]

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