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Why You Should Stop Cutting!

Why should your stop Cutting?

1. You Need Your Arms

Think about all the things you do with your arms. Every thing form hugging a friend to holding a baby or just feeding your self. On the practical side lets not forget going to the bathroom. Arms are very important parts of your body and when you cut you run the risk of damaging firstly your skin, and nerves and tendons. Just reflect on all the great things you are able to do each and every day

2. New Scars May Feed Guilt and Shame

Think about how people in your life would feel about your cutting and would you feel good sharing that information with them. Imagine how you would feel if they saw you cutting and how they would feel. the questions that would go through their head. Everything from why cant they tell me about it to what other issues may be lurking that you don’t know about. 

3. It Doesn’t Fix the Problem

Think to your self – If I hurt myself, I’m creating more pain instead of dealing with my painful emotions directly. And yes, it really  hurts to feel painful emotions. I cry, I shake, I get scared. But painful emotions don’t leave a permanent mark on me. They make me feel terrible for a while but they always always pass. Your body will be in pain but there is only so much it can physically endure. It will stop as you need a rest. It cant last  forever and you need to realize that it if you hang in there it will pass and you can go on. Cutting does not remove the triggers. See a Psychologist who will help you with this.


4. Self-Harming Makes You Feel Like Your Feelings Don’t Count

When you are younger your  feelings seemed so much bigger than everyone else and people didn’t understand why you are upset. As you get older these feelings can intensify. Sometimes it feels like you need to be punished for having these feelings. Thats not true. Feelings are a real outlet from the body to tell you that some thing is going on. you need to listen to them and be happy you are getting them. Making a good decision is the answer.


5. It Upsets Your Loved Ones

Think about the message you are sending to people around you. If your a mother your children may think this is a good thing to do if the see you doing it. People who rely on you are most likely to think this good behaviour. Even worse  is you may make them scared that some thing will happen to you and then what will happen to them.

You never know who is looking up to you. Every one of us is a role model. You may not even know it.

What can I do to stop Cutting ?

When you are asking your self this question you are in a better place. It means you may want help. You can put a rubber band around your wrist and instead of cutting snap the band lightly, rub an ice cube on your skin ( not to the point you get frost bite), draw on your skin where you would cut with a soft marker. Try to do things that distract you from cutting. One thing you may try is writing in a journal. Get it all out.

In addition to  doing these things on your own, get help. See a Psychologist who can help you with this problem so you are not a lone and have professional assistance. Contact our psychologists now for assistance.


Delany Skerrett | CFHP
Delaney Skerrett

Delaney is a senior registered psychologist working with people of all backgrounds and with a special interest in LGBTI+ people, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and Indigenous people.

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