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Coming Out To Asian Parents

Coming Out To Asian Parents

by Dr Sam Tan, Senior Clinical Psychologist   Bring glory to the family  Don’t shame the family; or make us lose Face Don’t air dirty laundry in public   These are the implicit cultural injunctions that underpin a lot of Asian societies and cultures. And they add on another level of complexity in the coming […]

Tips to Coming Out

Coming out is one of the biggest milestones in the life of someone from the LGBTI community . It can be a freeing and liberating experience. It is also a nerve wracking prospect that is associated with a lot of anticipatory anxiety. Every person’s experience is different.  below are some tips and points for consideration […]

LGBTQI General Information

Some LGBTQI links The following blog is intended to provide a brief basic source of information regarding LGBTQI topics, please have a look and put them into context . A balanced and educated perspective is always helpful. If you are dealing with any of these issues you do not need to do it alone. The […]

Telling the Extended Family and Friends about your Transgender Child

The following is an excerpt from Irwin Krieger’s book ‘Helping Your Transgender Teen – A Guide for Parents’. “Telling the extended family and friends of the family is a stressful experience for most parents of transsexual teens. Fear of rejection and criticism, or fear of causing unmanageable distress for older family members is common. Many […]

How to stay confident when your family doesn’t accept you for who you are

Now, more than ever, young people are coming out to their parents as early as the age of 14. When families are supportive and accepting, this can be an enormously beneficial experience to the person coming out.  Family support increases self-esteem and often helps prevent or minimize feelings of depression, suicidal thoughts and risky behaviours. […]

I’m Transgender And I Want To Tell My Parents

Having a loving, supportive and on-going relationship with their parents is just as important to adults as it was for them as babies and very young children. Parents have a hugely influential role in the overall development of their children and many adults still seek the approval of their parents in much of their decision […]

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