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My partner cheated, how do we move on?

The Many Faces of Anger

Mad. Angry. Pissed off. Livid. Frustrated. Fuming. Boiling. Agro. Furious. Cross. Outraged. And so the list goes. All of these words often refer to the same emotion – anger. Sometimes people don’t even realise they are angry because other feelings are stronger – depression, hurt, fear. Physical symptoms may include tight muscles, headaches, elevated blood […]

How to grow your own – happiness, that is!

There are specific things we can do to personally influence how happy we are.  True, our genes play a role in how happy we are and so does our environment however, much of our happiness is created or not created by our daily habits and activities.  In fact, today’s psychology and brain research indicates that […]

How to Use Anger Positively

Anger is an emotional response to outside stimuli, often in reply to a situation in which a person is physically or emotionally threatened. Anger can have physiological, as well as psychological effects. But despite what many people think, anger is not always to be viewed negatively. When approached correctly anger can be a perfectly normal […]

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