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When Mum has PTSD – Helping children to cope

Children – Bullying; The impact on your child and how you can support them through it

Bullying is recognised as a serious problem and it is a problem that is increasing in severity and frequency. Bully is, plainly put, an aggressive act from one child to another that results in the child feeling hurt, angry, afraid, helpless and hopeless. Bullied children are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression and […]

How much is too much gaming?

Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, Xbox and not to mention the myriad of cell phone and Facebook games available. Gaming has taken the world by storm and many parents reminisce of a time when they played outside and rode their bicycles as compared to the current generation of children who have access to hundreds of TV […]

COVID-19 UPDATE: Centre for Human Potential has taken new measures to ensure the safety of our customers and employees. We have implemented several enhanced cleaning and social distancing protocols for those client who are well and attend an in-office session. This includes increasing the frequency of cleaning and on-going sanitizing throughout the day focusing on high use area such as reception common use furniture phones desks and counter spaces. If you would prefer to access service from home, we can offer your appointment by using phone or teleconference tools. (Medicare rebates are available if you are eligible) If you are concerned about Covid-19 you can get regular updates and resources visit the Department of Health website, the Queensland Health website or the World Health Organization website.
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