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Common Relationship Problems

Modern couples can enter into relationships / matrimony without grasping the true meaning and demands required to make it work. When dreams meet actual harsh reality, conflicts are bound to occur. These conflicts and disagreements are camouflaged by social feelings of love, trust, arrival of a baby, change of job or house. A couple prefers to sweep these minor disagreements under the carpet. But this is a wrong attitude.

Minor disagreements do have the capacity to escalate and become major problems causing a relationship or marital breakdown. Thus, it becomes extremely critical to read and grasp these minor irritant differences and solve them with your partner before things get out of hand. It’s very true that in love relationships, problems between the couples are quite common, even the majority of the couples face different kinds of problems in their relationship / marriage lives or in their romantic relationships. Lets discuss some of the most common relationship problems most modern couples face and will focus on the solutions of those problems.

  • Unmet or Unspoken promise: this is a most common reason behind today’s relationship conflicts. In their lifetime couples often make different types of promises between each other, but when any of those promises remains unmet then it may raise conflicts in the relationship. As mentioned above the initial promise of matrimony can not feel the way both partners expected it to be.  In all those cases the couples should sit together and talk on the matter clearly. It has been noticed that half of the problem is solved if the guilty person apologies to his/her partner from his/her heart.
  • Sex issues: Sex plays a pivotal role in relationship / married couples’ lives; if a relationship is not sexually active then conflicts may arise between the couple. Due to lack of desire or lack of time or lack of ability, people often become unable to satisfy their partners. There are several people, who just leave their partners and want break up due to their unsatisfied sex lives.
  • Lack of communication: Yes, it is a major reason behind lots of relationship problems. Often due to lack of time people become unable to communicate with their partners. Proper communication can solve a number of problems and can keep a relationship healthy. On the other side, lack of proper communication often leads to conflict in relationships.
  • Stress: These days people are too busy with their work and other commitments they struggle to find the time to meet the demands placed on them. Too much work pressure often leads to dissatisfaction in other areas of living,  possibly in relationships that sometimes escalate to conflict. When a person is unable to spend quality time with his/her partner then after a certain time, negative feelings can emerge in the mind of the partner. To avoid such situation you should try to spend at least some time with your partner on a weekly basis, if not possible during the weekdays then at least on the weekends. Both of you can go for movies, have lunch together or have just a catch up chat.

It’s great when couples maintain a strong relationship, but when things start to break down couples may choose to get assistance before things get out of control. At the Centre for Human Potential our experienced Psychologists provide couples counselling in a comfortable, non judgmental and confidential environment. If you have invested time and emotions into a relationship that may need assistance, our Psychologists are available to explore your relationship improving your communication and offering some tools to help go forward. For more information on relationship counselling. Contact our psychologists now for assistance.



Lisa Kunde | CFHP
Lisa Kunde

Lisa Kunde has ten years experience working as a psychologist with adults in both private and public hospital settings (oncology, palliative care, chronic pain, cardio-pulmonary, psychiatric and alcohol and other drugs units).

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