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Managing Your Anger

Once you fully comprehend the impact of uncontrolled and unresolved anger, it is clear to see how valuable anger management can be. Anger management is a process by which you learn new ways of coping with your emotions, and new skills to recognise the warning signs of anger to help you deal with angry feelings and emotions in a constructive and positive way.

The task here is not to suppress anger or to make your anger go away. Remember that anger is, in fact, a healthy emotion. At CFHP our anger management psychologists and counselling techniques are used to help and guide you towards understanding your anger and managing it in a way that is healthy and constructive.

Anger management techniques teach you how to recognise your anger triggers early on and to resolve these problems in a way that meets your needs assertively rather than aggressively. By understanding your triggers as well as your physiological response, you gain control over your anger and learn how to respond to situations, rather than react to them.

Although there are many ways in which you can learn to manage your anger on your own, it may be beneficial to find guidance with a professional counsellor or psychologist in Brisbane – especially if your anger is due to unresolved past problems and finding expression in very aggressive or violent ways.

The following are signs that you may need professional help. If you honestly find yourself frequently experiencing any of these situations, anger management counselling will be able to make a crucial difference to your life and relationships.

  • You have trouble with authorities and the law
  • You frequently feel like you are holding back or biting your tongue
  • You have numerous arguments with people around you, especially those closest to you such as your partner, parents, children or colleagues
  • You find yourself involved in fights
  • You are violent towards your partner or children
  • You threaten violence to people or property
  • You have outbursts where you break things
  • You lose your temper when driving and become reckless
  • You feel a little out of control

Remember that the good news is there IS help available. You don’t have to face your anger issues on your own. At CFHP we have a Brisbane Anger Management service which can give you the tools to take back control, and improve the quality of your life and relationships with your loved ones. Call us on (07) 3211 1117 or contact us online today!

Dr Sam Wee Hong Tan | CFHP
Sam Tan

Sam is a Clinical Psychologist with a down-to-earth nature who has a very open and warm approach. Sam works collaboratively with his clients to raise awareness of patterns within themselves and patterns of relating with others.

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