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Counselling and Psychology Brisbane; Wellbeing & self care through improved mental health.

Centre for Human Potential (CFHP) are an established and trusted Brisbane practice. Our registered Brisbane Psychologists are highly trained and experienced and are professionals in their field. CFHP emphasize a friendly, understanding environment and we pride ourselves on our strong, lasting client relationships, welcoming everyone with a friendly smile.

Welcome to our office...

Centre For Human Potential (CFHP) is a Brisbane Psychologist practice that has been teaching people to reach their potential through effective counselling techniques for 7 years. Built on the foundation of our values of Acceptance, Diversity and Inclusion, CFHP is a diverse business that provides psychology and relief to clients of all ages and backgrounds.

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Level 9, 243 Edward Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

Ph: 07 3211 1117
Fax: 07 3221 9689

We recognise that it takes courage to decide to address personal problems and to seek professional help with what you’re going through. At Centre for Human Potential, our Brisbane Psychologists aim to build a safe environment and trusting therapeutic relationship in which you feel accepted and valued. We hope our office space feels like a home away from home. The personal connection we aim to develop with clients makes this a safe and warm hearted place to be able to face difficult issues.

Which Brisbane Psychologist is right for me?

The trusting, confidential and caring counselling relationship that occurs between your psychologist and you is a very important part of working through your issues.

Our Brisbane psychologists have a deep passion and extensive experience helping people overcome the work-life, home-life, or personal difficulties felt when experiencing anxiety, stress, and sadness. Utilising a range of evidence-based therapeutic approaches, our therapists’ expertise enables people to work through their life difficulties and find and live their own best lives. We have a team of professionals with varying areas of specialisation and professional focus, so you can feel secure knowing that you’ll be working with someone who is the best fit for you.

You can check out our psychologist Brisbane profiles on our website, otherwise please ask our receptionist for guidance regarding the most appropriate psychologist for you.

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What happens on the first visit to the office?

When you arrive our receptionist will do what she can to assist you to feel as comfortable as possible, including (if time permits) to offer you a cup of tea or coffee. Compassionately responding to any questions or concerns you may have, our admin staff have been selected for their caring nature, demonstration of our values, their unwavering professionalism, and their commitment to confidentiality. A short routine form is filled out on your first visit, and then you can relax and read magazines.

› Make sure you have any relevant paperwork and cards with you from your doctor, from medicare, or your private health fund.


What happens in the counselling session?

Although the first session can be daunting, it is really ‘get to know you’ time. A time when your therapist asks you a few questions designed to get to the heart of the matter. An opportunity to understand both where you are right now and what you want to achieve through therapy.

Your psychologist will ask you some very routine questions, getting to know you, gathering some background information, and understanding context.

The next step is to clarify your goals. Sometimes you may not be clear about what these are at the start, and that is okay. In time, and with guidance and support, your goals will become more clear.

Your psychologist then lets you know how you can both work together to achieve your goals and suggests a plan of action.

Then, the counselling process is underway. As the saying goes, the more you put into the process, the more you get out of it, though if you have any questions or concerns along the way, our team is always here to help.


When will I start to see improvements? How long does the process take?

Just knowing that there is someone there for you and that you're not alone, can be a tremendous relief even from the very first session.

General improvements are usually seen within the first few weeks, as simply getting some clarity on a situation or understanding more about yourself makes a huge difference. Then, when people start implementing the insights that they have had and doing their "homework", things can move forward quite rapidly.

If you have difficulty expressing or identifying emotions, things may take a little longer to work through. Or, for some the issues they're facing stem from some very longstanding and in-built beliefs. Addressing these types of things can take a lot longer, even months. Everyone's situation is different, and your progress will very much depend on the issues you are facing as well as your personal goals.

For some it can be just a few sessions to help them work through anxiety around public speaking, or for others it may be about addressing long term behavioral patterns originating from childhood experience. Speak to your psychologist about how quickly you can expect to see changes.

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What can I expect to experience as a result of counselling?

A safe, caring, and non judgemental space to work through your problems means you're no longer isolated or alone. You can feel supported as you work through your problems with a skilled, and compassionate professional. Maybe you just need someone to use as a sounding board. Sometimes just speaking confidentially to someone objective helps you gain clarity so you don't have to feel overwhelmed.

Counselling provides you with powerful tools which allow you to respond differently in various situations, overcoming negative cycles and repeated behaviours. Experience deep and enduring transformation in your life, leading to fulfilling and loving relationships, career and work improvements, and ongoing feelings of real happiness and contentment.


Individual Counselling

Psychology and counselling from CFHP isn't just for wrestling with mental illness or a personal crisis. Psychology can be beneficial for those who are simply interested in sharpening their self-understanding or want to accelerate self-improvement and personal growth.

Regular sessions with a our trained psychologists can lead you to discover underlying limiting beliefs or fears as well as harmful patterns that may be impacting personal peace, balance and stability... Read more


Couple's Counselling

Improve Understanding & Communication, Reconnect and Restore Lost Intimacy, and Re-negotiate commitments...couple's therapy and relationship counselling at Centre for Human Potential can give you and your partner the tools to build the relationship you have been wanting... Read more


Children and Adolescents

CFHP offers full counselling services for any age. Children and Adolescents can be difficult due to their rapid growth and development physically and mentally. They may require family involvement on occasion and, changes in parenting behaviour are sometimes necessary to help children to work through their difficulties effectively... Read more


Online Counselling

Can't make it to a counsellor? Don't have time to commute or just live too far away? Book an online counselling session instead! A helpful modern alternative to a traditional service with no compromise on results or quality of care... Read more

Counselling can help you;

  • Develop new life skills so you can break free from habitual patterns of self-criticism, anxiety, and depression
  • Understand yourself and loved ones better, improve the quality of your relationships, and feel more connected with others (including your spouse/partner)
  • Deal with compulsive or addictive behaviours including; alcohol and substance abuse, gambling, gaming and internet issues, sex and relationship issues, exercise and eating disorders
  • Learn how you can respond more effectively, reduce stress and promote physical health
  • Gain confidence and improve self esteem, feel more at peace, more comfortable, or more secure in the world
  • Learn techniques for reaching your goals
  • Instead of feeling stuck, helpless and hopeless, learn how to take responsibility and reclaim your sense of personal power and move forward in your life
  • Scheduled “me” time to attend to your own needs, work towards greater self-fulfilment and self-mastery

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Did you know?

19 out of 20 people who attempt suicide fail. Shockingly, those who fail the first time are 37% more likely to succeed the second time.

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