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However, with family or relationship problems, health problems, workplace stress or stress from study, and financial and environmental stressors, avoiding stress all together is an unrealistic goal. Psychological Resilience is our ability to develop skills and techniques which allow us to identify and manage harmful stressors. Building Resilience can be learned as a process allowing resilient people use effective coping methods to rise above the situation.

The CFHP Resilience Course enables participants to respond positively to the pressures and demands of modern life, giving them the tools to face difficult experiences and rise above them with ease. Find success in your personal life and professional life by understanding and developing resilience and stress management strategies. The course will help you to :

  • Understand what resilience is and how it relates to your Heart, Mind and Body
  • Excel in your professional and personal life by learning how to manage emotional responses when under pressure and during difficult times identifying stressors in your life.
  • Learn how to respond to change more positively and effectively
  • Obtain information to test your resilience and continue to measure your progress
  • Learn that resilience is something that anyone can master and build through life’s experiences
  • Identify specific tools and techniques which help individuals strengthen their areas of resilience
  • Engage in a resilience development plan for ongoing maintenance and future development

The Facilitator – Brian Becken, Centre for Human Potential

Corporate Industry Experience

Brian worked in the Mining industry for over 15 years managing and training employees on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems (specifically Mincom based). His management experience allowed him to gain a deep insight into the effect and impact of many types of training modalities, while his experience in implementing systems, and hiring and training staff to maintain these systems, has further built up his training and facilitation skills.

Sports Industry Experience

Having worked also in the sports industry for over 10 years, primarily as a coach working with athletes of all ages, Brian has trained and designed training plans for athletes ranging from the regional to National and International level. In addition he has worked with the grass roots level of sporting organisations in Developing National programs. Brian was a Course Conductor training coaches, and then a Master Coarse Conductor, training Course Conductors and ensuring consistent high level performance.

Brian believes that actively participating during a course will ensure you retain the knowledge, and go on to use it in your life.

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It was well worth attending this workshop – I highly recommend it. I enjoyed the end result which will help me in my future especially with holistic life balance.

Brisbane Dates for One Day Workshop:


9am – 5pm (with an hour at lunchtime for a break, bring your own lunch and snacks)


Brisbane CBD


  • Early Bird:  $149.00 (at least 2 weeks prior to course start)
  • Student Rate: $149.00
  • Regular Registration: $250.00

To register your interest and secure your seat contact our office on 07 3211 1117

Alternatively, fill out THIS FORM and fax to 07 3221 9689

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