Our personal, leadership and executive Coaches are committed to being your objective thinking partner and providing a confidential and supportive environment to help you achieve your objectives and outcomes.  The emphasis in a Coaching relationship is on assisting you with action, accountability and follow through.   By focusing on creating personal leadership capacity from the ‘inside out’, you have an opportunity to achieve even greater success.

Leadership and Executive Coaching is a confidential thought partnership and non-judgmental sounding board for:

  • Thriving in the first 100 days in your new role
  • Managing upward more effectively
  • Developing greater Emotional Intelligence in yourself and your team
  • Increasing your Leadership Capacity
  • Creating more effective outcomes with your leadership team
  • Preparing for Leadership at the next level

Personal and Life Coaching provides confidential support while:

  • Adjusting to life changes
  • Finding your life purpose or passion
  • Considering a career transition
  • Parenting teens
  • Ageing parents – reversing roles, creating new roles.

Emotional Coaching with a Qualified Psychologist:

Emotional Coaching provides you with the insights and tools to:

  • overcome negative patterns of automatically reacting
  • feel more at ease
  • be more confident and
  • experience greater balance in your life.

Are you often caught up in patterns of emotional reactions such as constant anxiety and overwhelm, self-doubt, being self-critical, feeling unworthy, repeated anger, shame, being uptight or feeling awkward?

Do you find your relationships and communication are affected by these emotional patterns?

Are feeling stuck or trapped with a particular life issue?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Emotional Coaching may help by teaching you:

  • Clear recognition and understanding of your emotional patterns
  • A life-skill called Focusing to help you move out of these patterns, find ways forward with a ongoing life issue and feel more at peace and at ease in yourself.

Emotional Coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy.  It is NOT eligible for Medicare rebates.

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Brisbane Coach
Carol Fink

Executive and Leadership Coach

Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation

Experienced leader in information technology, engineering, mining, telecommunications, oil sands, energy and utilities.

Mandarin Psychologist Brisbane
Dr. Eric (Wee Chong) Tan

Emotional Coaching

Senior Clinical Psychologist

Coaching in English or Mandarin