When ever you feel you may need some help with focus in your life, or someone to help you through a tough time, individual counselling through the Centre for Human Potential in Brisbane can help create inner healing and bring you through your difficulties to growth and change.

Our Brains Are Remarkably Complex

brain is complexThe human brain is the most complex structure in existence which is what makes human behaviour so multifaceted and difficult to comprehend.

The mind operates like a super computer, with different regions and cognitive functions affecting different areas such as memory, speech, language, behaviour and so on. We have an infinite amount of sensory receptors in our brains which fire off messages that dictate our actions and reactions to stimuli. Because of the complexity of our brain structure there are a whole host of reactions to everyday or large scale events in our lives, as well as mental illnesses and disorders which we are prone to.

Psychologists study our minds and behaviour in an effort to understand and articulate why people think, act and feel the way that they do. Diagnosing and treating mental illnesses is a large part of this and, coupled with helping people overcome traumatic events and other life challenges is a large part of what we specialise in here at the Centre for Human Potential.

Individual Counselling Brisbane

One on one counselling is a therapeutic outlet for many people suffering from a range of personal, behavioural and mental problems such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, social isolation and shyness, gender confusion and sexual issues, addiction, loss of loved ones and other major life events and transitional challenges. Not to mention body image and eating disorders, academic challenges, lack of motivation or purpose, and confusion, indecision, disillusionment or complete absence of career direction and life trajectory.

All these problems can stem from stand-alone issues or a combination of numerous factors.

The most common sources of personal pain are often attributed to problems in a person’s home or work life, their relationships with family, friends and lovers, or certain personality traits which predispose them to self-destructive, risk-taking habits, as well as, a family history of mental illness.

Counselling Should Not Be Viewed As A Last Resort

Many people do not seek professional psychological help until they are well into their own personal down-ward spiral. Too many think of counselling as the last rung on the ladder to cling to before falling.

There is no shame in admitting you cannot face your challenges alone. You do not need to be completely despondent before acknowledging there is a problem, sometimes having a small amount of help early on can bring about the best benefits. The earlier you realise you cannot overcome your obstacles by yourself, the sooner you can be on your way to recovery.

People from all facets of life seek out therapy at different life stages, we all face challenges at different times, and some of those challenges can seem overwhelming, especially if there is more than one at a time – which often happens. From those who struggle keeping it together day-to-day right through to those individuals whose lives appear to be picture perfect from the outside, yet, in truth their outward life is nothing more than a meticulously up-kept illusion, you are not alone.

Even if you think you are fortunate due to job stability, social upward mobility, secure finances and a happy and healthy family, you can still experience mental and emotional turmoil. If you can’t quite put your finger on why you are feeling blue then you would benefit greatly from a therapy consultation.

Our psychologists are at the top of their field, with many years of experience behind them and a commitment to helping you identify your underlying problems and equipping you with the tools necessary to restore your zest for life and resolve what is plaguing you.

You Don’t Need to Suffer Alone

Personal anguish in all its forms is a cruel beast because it is completely indiscriminate in who it affects and why. There is still a stigma surrounding the entire issue of mental health, as it’s not as straight forward as a broken leg, or other physical ailment.

Even in this day and age, with all our easy access to information just a key-stroke away, many people simply think if you suffer from personal demons then you are “weak” or at worst, “lying” and that you should just “think happy thoughts and cheer up”.

This sort of attitude makes the entire situation far more debilitating on sufferers than need be as it brings a sense of shame and encourages niggling doubts as to the legitimacy of the pain.

Why Should I Seek Help Through The Centre For Human Potential?

individual counselling brisbaneOur dedicated psychologists understand everyone is different and that life is a long sequence of transitions and changing priorities. The passage of time makes us re-evaluate who we are, where we are going and what really matters to us most. The degrees to which we place value on our various relationships with others also changes. Some people focus heavily on family relationships, others throw themselves into their work and many go through life alone or look to spirituality and religion for guidance and fulfilment.

Wherever you are at in your life and whatever you are suffering from, our therapists have the experience and the sensitivity to get you back on track. Our professionals have extensive experience helping people overcome the work-life, home-life, or personal difficulties felt when experiencing anxiety, stress, anger and depression. By utilising a range of evidence-based therapeutic approaches, our therapists can provide you with the tools to create behavioural and emotional change and engage in problem-solving, personal growth and development.

Everything you tell us is kept in the strictest confidence. When you deal with us you will not experience judgement or second-guessing, we are here to listen, to be empathetic and compassionate while also formulating a plan of action on how best to help you grow and turn-around your life.

Take The First Step

Whether you are stuck in a career rut, or feeling challenged by everyday life or are fully aware you are digging your own grave, whatever your demons, they can be conquered, but, first you need to acknowledge you have a problem. You do not need to know exactly what the problem is (that’s what we are here for), we can help you to be ready and willing to resolve it.

If you are not committed 100%, then you are only making the road to recovery much rockier than it needs to be. Obstacles are a natural part of life whatever form they may come in.  It is up to you to face them head-on. We can help co-pilot you along the way, but, ultimately it is you who must take charge. Talk to our dedicated Brisbane team today to see how we can help you get back on track.

Do I Need Individual Counselling?

If any of the following sounds familiar to you then we advise you to contact us for help.

  • Do you find yourself worrying about things for a long period of time, are you in a constant state of stress, or, feel the intensity of your concerns does not match the size of the problem?
  • Are you feeling swamped? Is your “To Do List” growing out of control despite your best efforts to stay on top of it?
  • Do you feel exhausted when you shouldn’t?
  • Do you sense your life is beyond your control? That no matter what you do the world is just beating you down whenever you try to stand up?
  • Are you living an isolated existence and have no one to speak to, or, do you have friends and relatives around you, but, you still feel disconnected, or, do you simply not feel comfortable confiding in your family and friends for emotional support?
  • Is your past unwilling to let you go and you find past problems keep arising despite your best efforts?
  • Are your family, work, or friend relationships being negatively impacted by your mental state?
  • Do you feel like bad luck keeps tapping you on the shoulder and no matter how hard you try nothing seems to go your way?
  • Do you wake up some mornings and wonder why you should bother getting up at all?
  • Do you feel like life is slipping through your fingers and you can’t put your finger on why you feel so down?
  • Have you ever thought of ending it all or just resigning yourself to your present situation? That this is as good as it gets?
  • Has anyone in your life expressed concern for your mental wellbeing or noticed behavioural changes?

These thoughts and observations are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mental and emotional disturbances. If any of these feelings seem familiar do not worry, you are not alone.

Approximately 45% of Australians will experience some sort of mental health disorder during their life.

If you want to recapture your zest for living then call our mental health professionals in Brisbane to organise a one on one therapy consultation on (07) 3211 1117.

One on One Counselling Versus Group Therapy Sessions

Counselling in a one-on-one environment creates a safe, nurturing space for you to explore and work at your own pace and in line with their unique and individual requirements. Counselling helps develop an understanding of one’s self, explore possibilities, and initiate change and as such is an important aspect of inner healing to effect behavioural change.

As opposed to couples’ counselling or group therapy, individual counselling allows the psychologist to focus attention exclusively on the individual and work on specific, isolated issues unique to them. The treatment approach can progress according to the client’s needs and in contrast to other styles of therapy, the client’s thoughts and behaviours may not be distorted by other group members in making decisions and choices.

My Finances Are Tight, Can I Still Afford Individual Psychologist Sessions?

If you are doing the numbers and don’t think you can afford a private psychologist please give us a call.

We also accept Medicare Mental Health Care Plans which provide rebates of $84.80 – $124.50 per session. Please take a look at our Fees & Appointment page for further pricing information or call us for a tailored quote.