5 Ways a Psychologist Can Help When Your Relationship Breaks Down

Dealing with a potential breakup or a rough patch in your relationship is tough for anyone, especially when other external life pressures and stresses also come into play. And it’s completely normal to admit that your relationship is struggling, and you need external support.

You should never feel alone in this situation. Help is always out there for you if you need it. In most cases, when a relationship breakdown occurs, the very best person to turn to for help is your psychologist.

But why is a psychologist the best option to help restore your broken relationship? The answer to this question comes down to a few key factors.

1.   Impartial Mediator

One of the biggest reasons people turn to couples counselling with a psychologist is because they are completely unbiased and impartial, unlike friends and family.

The purpose of a psychologist is to act as a mediator for the couple – providing a safe channel of communication between the two and offering guidance that does not side with one or the other.

2.    Safe Space

Only a couples counselling session with a psychologist an offer the safe space you need to air your grievances. As an unbiased mediator, your psychologist will listen to both of your concerns, appraise them and determine what the underlying relationship problems are.

Any problems identified will be addressed professionally and confidentially. Because some couples use this opportunity to vent and may undergo emotional outbursts and resort to finger pointing during initial sessions, a few sessions may be required so that self-improvement can grow and be maintained for each individual throughout the process.

3.    Reconnect

A common complaint for many is that their partner isn’t there for them. This could either mean being physically absent from the relationship from always being at work, or mentally detached, where their mind is elsewhere.

Some couples feel angst after the honeymoon phase of a relationship has come to an end. We can help you restore the rift between you and the lost emotional and physical closeness.

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4.    Re-Negotiate Commitments

Sometimes, all that is needed to piece a broken relationship back together is to reconfirm your commitment to each other and showing support for each other’s career paths and life choices. Sometimes life can get in the way and you forget to voice how important you are to each other.

In some cases, you may struggle to agree upon some aspects of your lives together. If any significant life changes are negatively impacting your relationship, a psychologist can help you voice any fears or concerns. A psychologist can also help you through the negotiation process, so you come to an agreement and new commitment that works for both of you.

A psychologist can further help you develop your communication so that

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5.    Communicate & Understand Each Other

We all communicate with people in different ways but sometimes our methods of communication aren’t always in sync with our partner. This problem isn’t always easy to identify however a psychologist can easily recognise any toxic communication habits, challenge them and provide you with tactics to communicate with each other more effectively.

Breaking down this communication barrier begins by providing the opportunity to speak openly and honestly within a couples counselling session. From here, your psychologist can guide you on how to keep up this open communication in your own time.